Aoi & Nui : Yeast & Wasted



120g of YEASTLalvin QA23
120g of YEAST, Lalvin D47
120g of WASTED, Mixed Yeast
120g of WASTED, Mucilage


Yeast & Wasted box included 2 main categories.


For Yeast category, we used Lalvin® yeast by Lallemand is trusted by some of the world’s best-known professional winemakers. We have selected QA23 & D47 by how they work on environment temp.

The Fermentation started by Anaerobic fermented the whole cherries with yeast liquid for 40hrs. then de-pulped and Aerobic dry fermented for 8hrs., finished the whole process by Semi-Washed (65%) for the reason of we needed to left some mucilage on the parchment which effects really nice acidity quality in the cup .

Lalvin QA23 : Refined Sugar, Apple Juice, White Tea
Lalvin D47 : Cane Sugar, Lemon, Dark Cherry , White Tea



Meanwhile, every coffee processing technics have done right and mostly left a lot of wasted matter directly through natural. Our Wasted category is to find possibility to bring back wasted matters and addvalue together with cup quality.

Mixed Yeast. After done the process of yeasts lot. What we saw were about 200L of mixed yeast liquid. We feeded by natural sugar and fermented with whole coffee cherries in the tank for 70hrs. then finished the process by natural dry.

Mucilage. Before the Washed process coffee have done. Wet Parchment was sieved from natural coffee mucilage and it was a lot. Normally mucilage would be drain through river. We did Anaerobic fermented the whole coffee cherries with mucilage for 80hrs. then finished the process by natural dry.

Mixed Yeast
: Strawberry, Banana, Blueberry Ganache, Semisweet Chocolate
Mucilage : Strawberry, Tamarind, Semisweet Chocolate

Coffee Tips.
*Anaerobic ferment - non or very low oxygen in fermentation stage.
*Aerobic ferment - oxygen contact through fermentation stage. 

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